A little bit of snow and the roads grind to a halt - why!?

This morning there was snow, not enough to settle properly but some on the cars and still falling lightly. Why on earth should this mean that it doubled the time my journey to work took?! There were no accidents, the roads weren't icey, visibility wasn't impaired. Despite this, and as always happens when it snows, the traffic literaly stopped. Why why why?!?!?!


I want to drive my car to tunisia?

because its better to be safe than sorry

Transportation during the Renaissance?

Because everyone slows down when there is snow.

How long should i wait to cool off my tire after a burnout?

Because you can't brake hard when its like that, so if your going fast then you'll just slide down the road if its badly slushy or icey. Meaning your more likely to die or kill somebody. Employees should accept this excuse for lateness, and its not worth risking your life or others' lives to get to work 5 minutes earlier.

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i don't know but i don't think England hasn't the right structure to cope with snow in japan they have three feet of snow and nothing gets delayed a lot of people in England panic i work in a shop up in the hills when it snows they all come flooding in and buying everything thing they will get snowed in

In illinois, can i take my car to any emission test location?

VBecause people are cautious and think it may be icy and slippery.

PT Cruiser?

Because people with more than half a brain slow down when it snows, i'd rather take longer to get to work than right my car off.

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Because in this country we're hopelessly ill equipped to deal with extreme weather.

Is it illegal to ride a gokart on the road?

It's probably due to the insurance culture in the uk which we seem to have adopted from america.

Is it illegal for your car to be tooo loud?

Almost everyone is watching the personal injury adverts on telly and sitting back ready to make a claim if anything happens to them. Remember the advert for the lady who slipped walking into work and hurt her back on the advert. (if she hadn't been such a fat high heeled wearing unfit idiot, she wouldn't have had an accident)

Really messed up driving record?

Well that sits in everyones mind, everyone has the fear of what might happen on their minds,
Probably the councils are frightened to order the snowplough drivers out in bad weather in case they have an accident and put a claim in.

A162 Hp Hyundai Sonata can do 17 sec in the quarter mile, so why can 235 Hp Hyundai Sonata do only 15.7 Sec?

Lat but not least there are far too many dithery women drivers on the roads now. The number of women I see driving cars now is phenomenal.

Hybrid Maintenance?

Sorry if that upset the female readers but it is the truth, yes i have heard that statistically women are less likely to be involved in an accident than men, but I'll bet they are far more likely to cause one.
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