"forgot"your wallet in a petrol staition?

Your skint and done a petrol staition.


What is your FAVORITE vintage car..?

I unfotunately work in a petrol station and for your information, it's not the petrol station you're "doing over" it's the cashier as any till shorts such as this come out of the cashiers wages. So well done to you for taking money off of someone who is already on a low wage

What happenes to the defendant in an auto accident law suit?

What's your question?

Can you get your learners permit when your 15 and 1/2?

If you are talking about doing "a runner", forget it; the CCTV has got you clocked.

"Shift 2.0"?

Most "petrol stations" in this country require you to pay at the pump or pay inside BEFORE you pump.

Tinted windows ticket?

Once tried to pay with electricity pre-payment card.
Plus I used to work for 24 hr service station we were told if any-one said they left wallet they had to leave spare wheel.. watch [only if it looks expensive] take reg, then phone police I never. I used to phone police and say I had a drive away, so I still got paid.

Does anyone know about a school called Wyotech?

you need to be fast if you can out run a cct camera.

What car is the Best?

They wont let you leave without paying.

Dihydrogen Monoxide, is it safe? and is it an emmission from a hydrogen car?

use a dodgy number plate

Personal Navigator for the Car?

Well , if you have just "done" a petrol station , and forgot your wallet "say goodbye to loved ones , because you are nicked ??

What'cha think about the Ford Mustang?

Did this once and offered to leave my watch. Since I lived around the corner the guy said no worries, go and get some cash. Which I did immediately. I kept going back there, you don't get service like that everywhere.

How temporary is a temporary use only spare tire?

Most petrol stations have CCTV and record registration marks.

How much would it cost to tow a car 250 miles?

Once I didn't have enough money, I lost a pound I thought I had so I left my keys with the attendent and ran off to where my g/f worked for a pound. As I got back in the car the pound was on the floor lol.

Are all rally cars 4wd?

I once did this and left my watch and mobile phone whilst I went home for money - luckily I wasnt on holiday (would have wallet with if I was)

The hover boards in back to the future 2 r they real?

Every filling station I have used recently has a notice on the pumps reminding you to make sure you have means of payment BEFORE you fill up. If you ignore this you are guilty of attempting to obtain goods by deception.
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