Someone help me plz?!?

i have trouble with the gears in a car i am a learner driver and my instructor has taught me to us the gears in the speed way thingy. eg.... 1st gear, 0-10mph, 2nd gear -10-20mph etc.... is there any other easier theorys to this method?


Warming up a car?

just listen to the engine, try using the rev counter 1st gear 1500 2nd gear 15 to 2000 and so on,, using the speedo often makes it sound like the engine is reving to hi and makes the gear change jumpy,

What does the 'A' in A406 / A40 etc and the 'B' in B36 etc mean in highway terms?

Just change up when u hear a loud noise from the engine and down when u feel the car out of power. It is not a serious point if u got the wrong gear in the driving test.
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