Anybody know some tricks to help you pass vehicle emission testing?

I live in California and I have to do the good old SMOG check to register it here. The truck was bought in Texas, and registered later in Arizona. Arizona has emmision testing also but I'm sure they're not as strict as California. I vae a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 V8 and has aftermarket flowmaster exhaust but still has the catalytic converter. Any help would be great!


Automatic or Manual g35 coupe?

aftermnarket flow master will not fail a smog alone. ca has among the most strick smog laws in the country try posting your results if you fail. but change the oil and drive the truck for a few miles. when you get to the smog station do not shut the truck off let run

How many minutes to drive if says 8 miles away?

heard that before and always do the same run the car/truck around for a bit before taking it.
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