2007 Ford Five Hundred Question?

What are your opinions of Ford renaming the Five Hundred to the Taurus again . I think that its a pretty dumb move, because nobody wants to say they drive a Taurus (old mans car )? Besides Five-hundred sounds like a nicer, more prestigius name.


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The Taurus was the best selling sedan for Ford, but I don't think they should change it back to Taurus. The 500 is a very nice car and needs a better name than Taurus!

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While I agree with you,that Taurus is not a car name i would care to be linked to,it was fords highest selling vehicle with the least amount of consumer complaints. In to days volatile market place name recognition does sell,so if it makes Ford lots of money,it only makes sense to put that name back out into market place.otherwise you could name it the Edsel,do we remember how that went over.

I live in alaska we have all the gas so why do we have to pay more than people in the lower 48s?

because ford is acting stupid trying anything not to go out of business but it's to late, maybe Toyota or Honda will buy ford so they can make a good car again

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Since the Five Hundred was supposed to be a replacement for the ancient Crown Victoria, it should have been named Crown Victoria, LTD, or something new like the Five Hundred, which is a resurrection of the late-60's 500 name.

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The Fusion, although slightly smaller than the last Taurus, is the more Taurus-like replacement in the model line, and should have been given the Taurus name instead.
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