A real 4x4 for beach driving?

We are expanding our family and would like to purchase an SUV or even some type of rv/suv. We love to drive on the beach in NY, not Florida, so please don't compare the beaches, you can drive anything on the beach down there. We need to purchase a family vehicle, that also does very well on the beach. We are leaning twards a 4 runner, but I would like to hear other peoples opinions, and other people who have driven their cars on the beaches. Also, I know there is such thing as a sportsmobile, but they are extremely expensive over 50k to start. Does anyone know maybe a van that is 4x4 that we could use as a camper and as a family car? Thanks so much.


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Sportsmobiles are cool. However, you might consider a 4x4 extended cab pickup truck. Then you can put a camper on the bed and take it off when it's not needed.

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You can find 4x4 vans, but new ones aren't cheap. Ebay usually has a bunch for sale. Search 4x4 vans. Don't confuse 4x4 with all-wheel drive. The latter is not as rugged.

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you really do not need a 4X4 to drive on the beach, you can drive anything there. but any 4x4 will work.

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GM makes a whole bunch of SUV's that should be available with 4wd.

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go for Lexus GX470 with a third row sets
its relible and costom
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