"lowering a 4x4 vehicle's tire pressure has what primary advantage when off-roading?

I thought better traction.. Or is it for ride comfort?


What is the latest year that a car in the US can have a V12 engine?

better traction due to a larger foot print

Would a blk car with baby pink vinyl flames decals(outlined wit silver) look good?

better traction and mobility

Can you get a suspended licence for speeding and to many parking tickets?

Both are true, dunno which mo "primary" Probably traction, since you're not expected to be a sissy when 4 wheeling.

Is it truth that if you want to put someone on your car insurance and they don't live with you it is cheaper.

Better traction. If the pressure is too low you can break a steel belt when going over rocks.

Driving manoeuvres?

Better traction and control

If exahst fumes are poisonous, why do drivers stop close to the car in front in traffic.?

more traction on ground.

What do u think is more fun & better & easier?

It spreads the weight of the car over a larger contact area, so reducing the likelihood of the tyre sinking into a soft surface.

What type of vehicle do you prefer/like the most/crave to buy?Why?

better tracktion and grip
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