What is your future car? the car you wish for?

my future car would have to be a lamborghini gallardo orange colour if u have seen the movie MI3 the lamborghini that is seen is the one i want


Can you use regular gas in a Cobalt SS.?

car that drive for you in case of emergency,talk to you,listen to your command,prevent collision,cut down fuel consumption when not need it,take phone calls or receive messages,place an food order,night vision,

How do I know if I have keyless entry installed in my car?

Two door convertible maroon Jag.............

What is the best brand of a semi truck I could get?

Pontiac g6

Why are gas prices more expensive on the West Coast?

Saturn PreVue

Parking brake keeps freezing when locked?

Kinda reminds me of a Porsche SUV somewhat...

Who makes the Geo Prism?

Due out next year hopefully


Porsche 911 Turbo - Silver
It has the curves of a woman, it's beautiful.

Always losing your car in shopping centre car parks?

My future car will have to be one that feeds on a hydrogen fuel. It is inexhaustible like water as water contains two parts of it, and when it burns the exhaust is water vapor.

is it illegal in california to have blackout taillights on your car?

What I'm doing to my Ford Ranger, Dropping a 302 thats been maxed out to around 450hp, and mating it with a mustang's 5 speed, and rear end. After I'm done its going to be close to a mustang GT, but with more power, and a lot lighter, and smaller. its being lower 3 inchs, after the dents annoy me enough, i'm probably fixing the minor rust and then painting it semi gloss black.
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