Who knows a bit about trucks?

My husband and i are looking to start an exportation business. He wants to send spare parts for trucks, particularly Leyland Daf trucks. Ex. A Leyland Daf FT 85. We need to know what Engine such a make uses. What gearbox it uses, What headlights it uses...etc... We also need to know how much these parts would cost. Second Hand or New, it does not matter. no one wants to help. Agencies think that i am talking rubbish and won't cooperate. We havenever done this before. we know that it will work, all we need is a bit of help. Anyone, please, do you have information for me. Does anyone know of any Scrap Yards that have old trucks and old parts?


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There is a good scrap yard in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Its Located on the Winterton Road. Its got loadz of lorries in there, they will surely help with prices etc, sorry I havent got there number.

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i would put those items in teh Yahoo! search box on the home page

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Where are you? in USA or UK?

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I'm trying to get "leads" on Fordson Dexta (60s) tractors, - have same results, (but did find somebody in Germany that has some stuff available).

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I would get a copy of "Hemmings Motor news", - (US) it runs about $6.00-US, but don't know what it would run in UK! I assume you are in UK, - because of wording!! Anway this is a monthly magazine, and it has a pretty extensive classified section. There is not a whole lot of English car stuff available (other than MG, a little Morris, and occasional "Rootes group". And of course the popular Jaguar!!

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My Brother has a couple Leyland tractors (on the farm), and has a terrible time getting repair parts, (there aren't many "junkyards" around, - Which collect these kinds of tractors! I jave an old Commer motor home (now dead- but everybody always thought it was a VW!)

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Back to trucks! I see one going down the road occasionally, but don't know of junkyards anywhere close around here, that might have parts available, -- however if you get on internet, and check websites for "truck salvage yards", in some of our larger cities, - like Chicago, Dallas, - houston, St loius, Kansas City etc. you might find some of these trucks listed. There is a possibility that they will specify model and "part numbers" for the transmissions listed (and possibly year and "size" models (ie 1/2 ton, 2 ton, 5ton etc -- maybe in KG-- or you would have to convert). I know they do this for cars, and I would assume it would be even more important on trucks, as there are so many variations within even one truck size!

chrome rims??

I agree that you might have a good market, - if you can get it going without too much expense. And if you can find the parts you need. Hemmings would also be a good place to advertise, as it is about the most popular "old cars" magazine in the US!

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Maybe you can get a chance to "talk shop" over a cup of coffee somewhere and get the information from a Leyland/Daf dealer! He might even be a potential buyer, -to use-- to get (parts for) somebodys "old vehicle" back on the road when he can't afford (or can't find" new parts) to fix it!!

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I'll "mark" your inquiry on my computer, and come back later to see if you found anybody, then see what can be done!

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Maybe you can leave me a message on my yahoo email? never got one , so don't know if it works though!
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