Are cars like Bugatti Veyron, 2002 Mclaren F1, or koenigsegg CCX street legal in the u.s.?

If not, what are the rules for these cars to be legal


What's your guess to the price of gasoline this summer?

The F1 must have about $500,000 in upgrades to make it street legal. I would assume that the others would have to be modified in order to make them street legal also.

Why do NASCAR drivers swerve there cars left to right during a caution?

McClarons are most definitely not

Can i park my car on loading zone on weekends?

Dont know the rules though dude.

How do you like your sunroof?

Are you trying to find out how to make your super car legal?

Increasing crate engine horsepower?

well.considering the fact that jay leno has a mclaren f1 and uses it to go to shopping, i guess it's pretty street legal. anyway, i don't consider it practical, cos pushing the first gear to the limit would certainly make you overspeed.
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