Which car to rent on vacation?

Okay we are going to Florida and can't decide what to rent when we get there either a smooth ride in a cadillac for $409 or a sebring convertible for $251.
What would you pick?


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-Take the convertible!! ...Your going to Florida with all them beaches...might as well get a good view! =]

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sebring and I am in Florida

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between the two cars i would go with sebring as long as it has enough room for you.

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rent cars are new and reliable so you probably don't have to worry about that but cadillacs will eat up more gas compared to the sebring. florida is very warm so be sure to put the top down and enjoy the winter(?) weather!@

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Please help out...?

Take the Cadillac. But it all depends where you are coming from. If you fly to Florida, get the Convertible for pleasure.
If you have to drive 500 miles or drive for a long time, take the Cadillac for comfort.
Good luck.....

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Never driven a Cadillac...but it used to be that every time I went on vacation in Florida I would rent a Sebring. I loved them!

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