2003 Saab 9-3 - Tinted Windows OR Not? Should I? Thanks!!?

I have a black 2003 Saab 9-3 with grey interior. I want to get my windows tinted black. I live in VA and know the laws, front=55%, rear=35%, but what should i put?on what windows?

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Like 35% all around and then 20% on the back or what?? T

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Thank You for your opinion!


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i would definitely go with what is legal, you wont get pulled over for it and you can pass inspection without a problem obviously. also, when your tint starts to get too dark, like 20%, it is extremely hard to see out of at night. i hope this helped, i had 20% on a previous car and had this problem with seeing at night. a black 9-3 with 55 back and 35 on the front will look really good though.

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Lower numbers are typically darker when refering to tint(its the percentage of light allowed through the tint), IE your numbers are way under the legal limit. Personally I'd do 55% all the way around, I think a saab has too much viewing angle where you can see multiple windows for mixing and matching tint to look right.

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If you go with 50%-55% all the way around it would look great, and you could still see out of them at night...

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i own a repair shop and a friend of mine has one of these also and his is Grey on the outside of it and he had the windows done in a dark Grey,so on yours Grey or black would look really good,if it were me i think id go with the black though because it would look better on your color,those cars look good anyway ,so you don't have to do much to them to make them look a little better,good luck with it hope this helps.
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