Any good books on how to make an engine?

I want a good book that will show me how an engine works and the enviroment engines are some things I'd like to read up on to I am looking for a good book that has diagrams and shows the whole engine in every detail so are there any good sites or books for this


Car engine?

I am learning to drive but is there any DVd that will help me?

These "dummy" books are relly good and they are written in easy to understand English

Does anyone know of an easy way to get from Newport Beach to The Honda Center in Anaheim w/o driving?

I would think your local library would have a bunch of books relating to your question. Spend an evening or a Saturday and check it out!

My car broke?

Forget the "dummy" books - they are full of all kinds of Americanised cr*p that only serve to distract from the subject in hand. Try the Haynes series of books - look them up on the web.

1990 Ford ranger xlt ignition switch wireing diagram?

Research on a subject of interest is good.
I like this new concept, sorta,
Lotsa books to read , Daimler,Benz,Ford, ok they didn't write lotsa books, but there are lots written about them.
Look at for text books, ebooks are EXPENSIVE!
Linux is still free.
Learning is fun
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