3 car accident...who is responsible!?

Say someone is stopped at a light( car A) and another car (Car B) is stopped behind them. Then someone ( Car C) hits their brakes and slams into car B, pushing them into car A. i always thought that car b was still responsible for the damage to car a, am i wrong?


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Presumption of fault in rear-end accidents

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Most state vehicle laws require drivers to follow at a safe distance and be able to stop for vehicles in front of them. If the driver can’t stop, it is generally assumed that he or she is at fault for causing the accident. However, this doesn’t mean that the rear-ended driver is always fault-free. Drivers whose brake or signal lights are out or those that don’t use signals or make extremely sudden turns or stops (i.e. driving recklessly or negligently) may be partially to blame.

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When more than one vehicle is involved. When more than one vehicle is involved, for instance car number 4 rear-ends car number 3, number 3 rear-ends car number 2, etc., each driver may generally go after the person that hit them as long as they were not also negligent. If your car falls in the middle and you have damage to your front and rear, heed the following warning:

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Call the police! Except for extremely minor accidents (bumps, really) – it is always a good idea to call the police and let them file a report. The report acts as a record of what happened and will be used by your insurance company to settle your claim and subrogate damages (going after the person at fault). Trying to gather the information afterwards – especially if you later realize that you suffered more damage than you initially thought – is usually too difficult as the “crime scene” is now tainted. Having police write a report may be time consuming, but is generally worth your while. Just make sure you get a copy of the report, either on the spot or at the station later. And if you absolutely cannot wait for the police, at least get the other person’s name, address, phone number, license plate number, drivers license number, and the name of their insurance company.

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It's car C. Because without car C the chances of the 2nd car hitting the first is slim to none. Ecspecially if the first two are stopped. Trust me.I've been in this situation.

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car C is responsible...car B was stopped and the only reason he hit car A was that he was pushed into it by car C..

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car B is not liable to car A..car A cannot demand car B to compensate for the damages of car A..car B was no fault at all..it is car C who's liable for both cars..

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i had a freind years ago that were in that situation they were b they had to pay for a but were told they could sue c to recover what was paid to a

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Yes, you are incorrect. Car C is at fault.

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The only way Car B would be at fault is if Car B slammed into Car A before Car C collided with Car B.

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Think of it this way:
Car A and Car B are parallel parked on a street at the curb. Car C loses control and smashes into Car B, which is forced into Car A.

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Who is at fault? Car C of course. Car A & B's drivers were in starbucks drinking coffee. The driver of Car A wouldn't turn to the driver of Car B and go, "Why'd you hit my car?"

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Car C is responcible for Car B, Car B is responcible for Car A (classifys as following to close) but Car B can sue Car C for damages to Car A, as well as Car A sueing Car C for damages aquired by Car B. Occupants of Car A and Car B can sue for personal injury, but Occupants of Car A can sue Car B for personal injury, but Car B can sue Car C for Personal injury of Car A.

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it gets more confusing. main thing is how badly the vehicles are damaged and how badly hurt the people are.

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Yes you are wrong. The third car or car c is at fault because they caused the accident. The other vehicles were completely stopped they did nothing wrong.

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You could use your theory but the answer is "c". If you sued "b" then "b" sues "c" it turns out the same because "b" would sue "c" for the damages to their car and the damages that you recovered from them= "c"..

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It depends on the measuring distance of the tire marks. You are not held responsible if you are within the proper distance away. This would also be due to how fast/hard vehicle c hit vehicle b. Ultimately, driver c should be responsible for all damages but if driver b were stopped to close to driver a, then driver b would then be held accountable as well. I believe you should look into your states drivers license manual that you use to study for the written exam. States have different laws/guidlines so be very sure. That should be a question on drivers written exams in every state I believe. Read this, it should help you a little. http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node...
Good luck to you.
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