A-plan price for a 08 king ranch diesel?

I am looking for a 08' king ranch diesel, 3.73 limited slip, quad captain, blue, NAVI system, sirius sat, heavy service susp package, dual alternators, sunroof, traction control, switch on the fly 4x4, roof clearance lights, engine block heater, supplemental cab heater, upfitter switches, tow command, tow package, pretty much everything but the stowable bed extender, i know that is a tough truck to find, that is why i am sure i will have to order it. I would really like to know the exact a-plan price of that truck or real close to it, and if you could the x-plan price, i am not to sure on which one i can get yet, thanks


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A plan is a Ford employee or their relatives discount only.. (D plan is a Ford dealer employee or their relative discount) X-plan is one that Ford sells vehicles to certain companies and their employees at.. basically x-plan is invoice (the ones I've seen are basically at invoice). A-plan varies on the car and only a Ford dealer will have that info (or if you register on a special Ford website that is only available to employees)..

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You can find the truck.. the dealer can be put on a locator to find it.. or it can be ordered... If you wasn't using it for winter duties, you'd probably find what you are looking for in Texas (IMO) as I find a lot of ranchers out there love a king ranch with everything...

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Invoice estimates for a truck can be found on the web... I think kbb.com is one of them
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