Are there any penalties if your car is inpected 6 months late?

A friend of mine forgot to get his car inspected and he is now 6 months overdue....what happens in this case.he's gonna take it to his mechanic this week sometime..are there any penalties? Who finds out about this?.DMV or noone?


Parking my Car for cheap for 2 months while going for a long vacations?

No one cares as long as you don't get pulled over. I have forgetten before for about 6 months and no one cared.

Are there any adverse effects to mixing engine oil brands/viscosities?

Oh god, they're gonna impound his car and He's probably goung to jail for 3 months now.

What all makes/models of SUVs have power roll down back windows?

J/K. Just take it in, better late than never, they probably won't do much.

If crude oil prices are $57/barrel why are gas prices so high?

No problem as long as he gets it inspected before being stopped by the police.

Do those belts that you put around your stomach that give you abs work?

Only if he gets pulled over.
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