A small car with a pillow soft ride?

How about a different question? Instead of performance and handling; do any of the current crop of econoboxes offer a nice pillow soft ride with comfortable seats? You know, like those old boulevard cruisers of the 70's.


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The Nissan Versa with a CVT auto transmission is supposed to be the most soft-riding econobox with a large-car feel, and sells for about $13 K.

I need a source to justify this assumption - C-XF Jaguar Car aims to win Top Gear car of the year Award.?

Something this small and cheap isn't likely to duplicate the numb sensation of gliding along in a 70's-era land yacht; but the Toyota Avalon comes close.

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In short, no. But the new economy cars are much better at doing everything then most of the junk from Detroit in the 70's. If you haven't been in a VW or Honda since the 1980's, you'll be shocked. You won't float over the bumps in any of them, but you won't get motion sickness either.

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It is a physical impossibility. Cars that ride like that now cost big bucks because in order to be considered safe and secure on the road, they must have rigid handling. It takes expensive suspension to be able to ride comfortably, however stiffen up within fractions of a second if the car needs stable handling in an emergency situation. Those 66 galaxies road like glass however do you remember how quickly they came to a stop or maneuvered through pylons? Not very quickly, lol

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Most of the newer cars are going to ride about the same because of the limited interior space to install an overstuffed seat. I have found the domestic cars have better seats than the foreign models. It all depends on what you are calling pillow soft. You won't find the same comfort as the 70's cruisers unless you get into the larger deluxe models of the car manufacturers.
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