Which trucking companies are the better ones for a new driver?

I'm in northeast Ohio and I'm looking at Werner, Swift, Transport America, and Falcon Transport (a regional carrier). I want to know what drivers think about these companies. Do they treat their drivers right? Is the pay good? How often are you home? Feel free to add anything else. If you know of any good companies not mentioned here, feel free to add input.


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Roadway is a great company, but drivers without experience usually work the yard or city routes and then work their way to the line haul board. We are Teamsters, we make good money and with the exception of line haul were are home every night.

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Hi.Im a truckers wife.I know that those companies you listed have been bad mouthed by alot of drivers but then again all of them has been bad mouthed.Choose which ever one you want to.There is down falls in all companies if you ever go to a truck stop and listen to drivers talk you will hear them bad mouthing most companies.

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I hear J&R Schugel treats their drivers right. I think they have a division in Ohio too! I would check them out.

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Yes, I agree with Trucker Jim, I haven't heard very much bad talk about J R Schugal, but Werner is the one I have heard the least bad about !!
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