Are motoring criminal records always fair?

Drinking and driving is NOT illegal in the UK. It is illegal to drive over the legal alcohol limit and as this changes dependent upon size, weight etc and no one is clear on what this limit is for them. People who go to the pub drink 5 pints and then try to drive home are a disgrace and deserve criticism. But many people are caught after being slightly over the limit (maybe drinking 2 small glasses of wine instead of 1 large glass) or simply driving the next day while they thought they were sober. It is also illegal to do more than 70 on a motorway (and speeding kills far more people each year than drink drivers) and yet I bet the same people who are so critical on here have done this at some point. I agree with the ban for doing it, but the criminal record is when otherwise hard working, solid, taxpaying citizens get ruined as people and then cannot find employment even when they get their license back and I have seen people become suicidal from it.


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In answer to your question.are motoring convictions fair

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It is the only branch of law in the UK where you can be considered guilty until proven innocent.

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If you are caught by a speed camera, you have to pay a fine. It is up to YOU to prove that you were not driving the car. NOT the police!

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In answer to the "speed kills" debate. Inappropriate speed kills. In the wrong place (outside a school), at the wrong time and in the wrong conditions. That is what makes speed dangerous.

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In saying that, you are more likely to be seriously hurt or killed if you car has a mechanical failure (eg a blowout) at high speed. But ignoring mechanical failures which cannot be expected in any circumstances, speed is not the killer.

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Driving with undue care and attention is the biggest killer. When the child runs out into the street and the driver doesn't see them because he's not paying attention. That is what is dangerous. We are all guilty of it, so don't start on about that as well.

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Everybody has broken the speed limit and therefore is a criminal in the eyes of the law. You show me someone who says they haven't and I'll show you a liar!

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What is not right is the fact that you can be convicted of an offence without any proof that you were at the wheel of the vehicle. The authorities rely on us admitting guilt. The law has been biased to their side.

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How easy is it to get copies of camera evidence? Not very easy I'd bet, unless you know the ins and outs of the system. But you and I are just punters on the street and we don't know how to go about things like that, so it is extremely unfair.

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Define fair. They are, for the most part accurate. I'm not sure if you have a question or merely wanted to make a point.

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SPEED DOSEN'T KILL! You must be the most paranoid and obsessive idiot to think you'll kill more people at 80 on a motorway than after a night on the razz!

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I can't stand the people who claim speed kills - IT DOSENT!

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When you take off from the airport, your doing something like 200mp/h!

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Road speed is defined by conditions, not a circle sign!

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You will hurt yourself or be killed at 50 in the snow and ice on a motorway, but I've done 140mp/h on a summers day on an autobahn, and I'm still here.

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Please, never, ever, EVER claim that "speed" is more unsafe than driving whilst completely titless on vodka!

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Are you saying that hitting someone at 69mp/h on a motorway willleave them standing but hitting them at 35 will make them burst into flames???

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Speed dosen't kill - Bad driving does, and theres no measure for that!

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Sorry about that, but "speed kills" people really wind me up. The world isn't all black and white, and speed is a grey area. Accept it. Speed DOSEN'T kill, poor judgement does!

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it is a shame children do not get educated about alcohol and how to handle it when time comes instead they tell them cannot drink till 21 then all free and they getting into the accidents child taste a Little but you have to control your self..

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Speed doesn't kill. That's just simplistic. The misuse of speed kills. Too many people are paranoid about the emotive word 'speed'. I drive at over 170mph on occasions where it's legal to do so. So far, I haven't killed anyone. Frankly, I haven't seen anyone. I'm alone on the circuit. Even in Germany where I can drive at speeds well over our pitiful 70mph I don't recollect killing anyone. It's time intelligent people took a realistic view of road accidents and stop condemning all motorists just because some politician decided that an arbitrary speed limit was the be all and end all. 20 mph is sometimes too fast. 100 mph sometimes is not.

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Well I've been driving for a few weeks as I've only just passed my test
And I haven't a clue what the legal limit is
So I don't drink at all if I have to drive the next day.
I'd love to be able to know what is the safe limit and what I can drink safely
Can you believe that we are not taught this during driving lessons,
We are taught how to check oil and air
But not alcohol limits
Priorities me thinks !!

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Feel better now? Anyway, I agree that "Speed Kills" is far too simplistic. It's the WRONG speed in the WRONG circumstances that kills.

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Even 20mph past our school when the kids come out is downright dangerous, albeit legal, whereas well over 100mph in a good car on a deserted autobahn is easily achievable, safe, and, depending on the road, legal too!
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