***advice for an online tire and rim purchase***?

im debating on should i get my tires and rims online or from a local store, any advice with ordering online rim and tires? what all came with yours and how did u get it put on your car? please help. did u have trouble putting them on your car yourself after they arrived?


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I've been doing business with tirerack.com for 23 years with no regrets or problems. They know what your car's backspacing is and will only explain exactly what rims and plus sizes rims will fit your car. Thew make no mistakes and have dozens of wheels to choose from. Test the waters and give them a call. They will not sell anything that does not fit your car.

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Get this: If your not satisfied they will pre-pay shipping to send them back.


I refuse to buy rims/tires sets from the net unless I am absolutely positive that they will fit perfectly (correct offset with no rubbing whatsoever). There are lots of ways that you can do that including talking with the local store, joining a forum that specializes in your vehicle, or going to a car show and talking with the owners.

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Most online stores will pre-mount the tires on the rims and balance them for you before shipment. To do that, they would have to include everything (valve stems, weights, etc.).

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You can have the corner gas station put them on but if you can change a spare tire, you can install the rims. The rims/tires should fit like a glove so it should be easy to install them. If you can't handle the install, pay the extra money and go to a shop.
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