Who are Japanese vehicle importers?

I am wondering if someone in the U.S. imports japanese vehicles and engines (both gasoline and diesel) in large quantities? If there is, where are they? I have never seen one in the U.S. before.


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There are no importers for used JDM vehicles that are not sold in the US (or last I checked there weren't any new ones). That is why you have not seen them.

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Motorex, who imported the Nissan Skyline, are no more. They didn't perform some of the work they were supposed to, so they were forced out of business.

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If it is not on that list, you can pretty much forget about it. It would take months or years of paperwork, crash testing a few examples, and a buttload of work to make everything meet US standards.

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The only used Japanese car you will ever have a chance of importing would be some vehicle you could qualify under "show and display" (it would have to be historically significant, I think), which places limitations on how much you can drive it, or a car that is at least 25 years old. (And there are a lot of awesome old cars in Japan)

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Now ENGINES, that's different.

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The first 5 relevant Google results:

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Assuming it will conform to your local emissions regulations, you can buy JDM motors all day.

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Disregard that info on Canada. Their laws regarding vehicle importation are completely different. IIRC, a car only has to be 15 years old there, and there may even be ways around that. It's much easier for them. And there's no loophole there for you. The only possible way you could use Canada's import laws to drive a car in the US would be to register your car in Canada...but if anyone catches on to what you're doing, you could still get busted for it (and your car shredded).

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All Lexus vehicles are imported as they are made in Japan. Acura is still imported as it is made in Japan. Honda and Toyota both have plants in the USA to make their cars here due to volume. Cheaper to make here than to ship over.

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Audi's are imported, BMW is imported, Ferrari is imported, Hyundai's are made in the USA now, use to be imported, Infiniti's are imported. Nissan's are made in the USA and imported. Isuzu's are imported, Jaguar's are imported, Kia's are imported, Land Rovers are imported, Mazda's are imported, Mercedes are imported, Mitsubishi's are imported, Porsche are imported, Saab is imported, Subaru is imported, Volkswagen is imported and Volvo is imported.


To just import a large number of engines, never heard of that as most just buy from over seas and have them ship in number they seek. Cars are bought in quantity per dealership based on previous sales and market reports.

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If you are seeking a supplier of large quantity, you will need to go over seas and set it all up. Buddy of mine imports exotic wood from Turkey for rifle stocks and he had to go to Turkey for almost a month to get it all set up.

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There are places that are like that, I cannot remember any off by hand, but if you call around to scrap yard or garages they may be able to help you.

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(side note)
Lexus's are rebadged Toyota's
Acura's are rebadged Honda's
Kia's are made by Hyundai
Mazda's are reskinned Fords
Mercedes's are Made by Chrysler
Mitsubishi's are made by Chryslers (most 4 and 6 cylinder chrysler vehicles have a mitsubishi engine, chrysler justs badges them with the chrysler logo)

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And there are a lot of companies that deal with engine and car importing. I know that there is one in Vancuver that my shop deals with in Calgary here, it takes a few days for the parts to come, but if its needed it can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars sometimes.
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