Who is your favorite NASCAR driver and who is your least favorite?

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My favorite driver is Jimmie Johnson. I think he is a fair driver and he is a clean driver. I don't care much for his part owner Jeff Gordon, he is a big cry baby and I don't think he is as fair as other drivers.
I used to dislike Tony Stewart but I have noticed a change in him this past season. He appears to have gotten some class. Much improved, I like Tony Stewart now. No offense to any of his long time fans.
So, Favorite Jimmie Johnson.
Least Favorite Jeff Gordon, I don't care if they are on the same team and that Gordon owns part of Johnson's Team

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in bermuda we love tony stewart and don't like jeff gordon as we see him as a cry baby

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Love Dale Jarrett
Hate, hate, hate Tony Stewart he is such a whiner!

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I like the guy who drives the Volvo 240, because he wins all the races.

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I like the old old school Nascar drivers, then ones who where Moonshine runners. Favorite Junior Johnson. He was also a very successful team owner.

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RICKY BOBBY! SHAKE & BAKE ! is favorite ,I guess Dale Jarrett is least favorite cause he won't race the TRUCK! -lol i really love all of 'em!
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