When the bus driver gets off the bus who closes the door?


Why are gas prices going up in price again?

the bus driver does

Which is cheaper in manufacturing fiberglass or sheet metal?

the bus driver . They reach through the drivers window and trigger the doors close. Then they shut and lock the window from the outside

are stoplocks worthwhile for car security? any recomendations? cheers?

He does by closing the door and releasing the air the door can then be opened and closed by hand.

Can you make a Tacoma with a V6, 4.0L sound good? What type of exhaust system?

They reach thru the driver window and activate the switch is one way they do it

when driving how do i do a doughnut. Is it possible with a auto car or just manual cars?

They never get off the bus!

My HGV entitlement ran out in 1999. I did not renew it. Have I lost it? I am 64 years old.?

he does. he walks around the front of the bus to the driver side, where there's a side window. he then reaches in, and turns the lever that closes the door.

How many cars are in San Francisco?

Our school busses don't lock so they are just closed to keep the weather out and animals out.
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