Are there any cars that...?

i dont like driving big vehicles like vans,jeeps,trucks,buses so are there any cars that have 4 wheel drive and what is 4 wheel drive cause my dad says ill need it in the area we live in


Are there any cars that...?

check into subaru most of thier cars are all wheel drive full time they are the best because it's there need it or not

What Is The Point of Car Handbooks?

all subarus, all audi cars that say Quattro, all VWs that have 4motion, all BMW cars (not suvs) with an x in them, and many, MANY other cars are offered in all wheel drive.

What are the8 or 10 round holes in the engine block for? They have round metal plugs in them. "freez plugs" ?

Subaru makes lots of AWD vehicles.
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