Are SUVs more dangerous than cars?

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NO, they are not.

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Most have thick, strong frames and reinforced panels to protect against collision damage to passengers.
They sit a bit higher than the average car so they offer a better view of what's on the road.
They CAN be made to rollover if swerved sharply at high speed but so can a smaller car. It is a foolish move no matter what vehicle you are driving.

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In the event of a rollover, the SUV is not likely to sustain serious damage because the roof is reinforced. If ALL the occupants are wearing their seat belts properly, they should have only minor bruises.

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I think they both are about the same

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they are more prone to roll overs because of their high center of gravity

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It depends what type, because if it has a short wheel base, they are more likely to tip and easier to roll if you take corners to sharp too fast.

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They have a higher risk of flipping when they make sharp turns compared to normal coupes, sedans and sports cars. If you don't know how to drive a large vehicle you are more prone to accidents, by incorrectly judging the amount of space you have as well. SUV's are also intense gas guzzlers which is more dangerous to our enviornment if you want to think about the green aspect of your question. If you have a family of more than 5- rock on with the SUV, otherwise, I'd definitely think twice about the purchase-

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Yes but I still drive one b/c I think it's safe being in a big SUV than a tiny compact car. Plus I feel so claustrophobic.

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I would rather be in a SUV than in one of those rice rockets if we were heading straight for each other in the same lane.

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They do have the higher center of gravity, but driven with any kind of reasonable amount of care, there should not be a problem. You almost have to go way out of your way to flip one. The problem earlier with the SUVs were that people wanted the high clearance and they let the air pressure get low in the tires, now a lot of them have tire pressure monitoring equipment on them. In 2009, or there abouts, it will become a requirement to have the monitoring equipment as standard.

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yes because there top heavy and easy to roll over in a side impact or turn.and second harder to stop than a minivan,and fourthsuck down gas,third insurance is higher,last but not least no one ever retires in a suvthats a fact.

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There flip happy. They do not corner or handle as well, They take longer to stop. And most owners drive to fast in bad weather conditions.

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Along with all the bad things the previous answers have said, they are considered commercial vehicles so they dont have to meet the same rollover requirements as a car. You can guarantee the roof will collapse in on you 99% of the time. Not good in a vehicle already prone to rollovers.

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They are easier to roll.
Large stopping distance due to weight.
They do not generally have a brilliant view of the road, which is dangerous for other road users.

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It could be agued that they are less safe for the driver and passengers.
It is hard to argue against the fact that they are MUCH more dangerous for other road users.

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No, people that are to ignorant to learn how to drive them are unsafe.

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some are more dangerous due to being top heavy with base being shorter.
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