Who is this guy "anonymous a" that keeps chasing Dodgeman?

He keeps posting "Dodgeman is an idiot" after the guy's responses everywhere.

are fourbarrel carbs the same thing as a double pumper?

I find it hilarious!


What is the best gear to start in on snow, with an automatic tranny?

I am the new guy in town......Dodgeman never gets his answer picked when I answer a question. I am not only a certified mechanic, but also am certified in paint and body and I own a carlot. My question percentage is over 33% already which is way over his percentage (and that's with me goofing off a lot of answers), but I've only been on 2 wks. If I don't get bored of this soon, be looking for him to be OVERTAKEN!

Improving my driving?

I love it too. Dodgeman does not know everything.

"What is the width and length of a Greyhound Bus?

Because that person is immature and not professioanl at all. You must not have a much of a life if you have to insult someone on the internet.
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