Are Kenworth trucks the BBW of the highway?

Tractor trailers are impressive, but I don't drive one.
I have ridden in several types, its comfortable.


Car trouble can you help me?

i do drive a tractor (frieghtliner). i think the peterbuilt drives and run the best. also a truck only runs as good as the engine will let it so add a cat to it and its a great truck. i only wish i was with a company that had Pete's and not freightshakers now.

What type of car is a level 2 company car?


Are today's wheelchairs assembled in the plant or assembled by hand?

Kenworths are the most annoying trucks I have ever driven,the mirrors are terrible,terrible driving position,dash controls placed in ridiculous positions.Freightliner and Peterbilt are ergonomic,driver friendly trucks.

Renting a car?

No freightliner all the way

I was thinking about buying a cherry bomb muffler for my car. Is it really worth it?

Fruitliners are crap. PETERBILT now that's a truck!
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