Advice on an accident involving a broken lamp post in tesco's car park?

3 foot of a previously damaged lamp post was left bent at a 45 degree angle witout a cordon, but it had been spray painted yellow.
On leaving the car park i executed a tight left hand turn in which the section of lamp post was in my blind spot, approximatly half way throuhg the manouver my passanger side rear door caught the post and left my car with a heavily dented door and a smashed wheel arch.
I'm wanting to know if there is anyone who knows who is responsible for leaving the lamp post in that condition, and what legal advice is there available


Http:// is the Manufacture of Auto Parts in India so Please suggest from where I got the

1. You should check your blind spot when manouvereing, or your not exactly the sort of person I would want to meet on the road.
2. The Tesco's car park is private property.
3. You collided with a stationary, visibly marked object.

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I'm struggling to see how you think you have a leg to stand on.
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