Which is faster? 2006 mitsubishi lancer evo or subaru impreza wrx sti?

please give details, and which is more comformtable to drive handling wise also. also which car is fun?? i need proof please

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you can compare them on http://autos.yahoo.com or http://autos.msn.com. There are several auto news websites out there, but I like www.autoblog.com the most. Check it out. Good luck.

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Evo, it's lighter, both have AWD so both will have lots of traction for get-up-and-go. Both push around 300hp. After modification, anything is possible, there's motor swaps, trans swaps, lots of different turbos, but I think the lancer handles modification much better than the impreza, but then again there is an impreza with both a supercharger for the low-end, and two (yes two) turbos for the top end. Question you should be asking is what will be faster if I dump X dollars into it?

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ive driven both and I would have to say the Subaru Impreza. The reason is that the after market parts are more readily available and cheaper. But you can go either way on these two. They are both great cars....

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Well the only way to possibily find this out, because there both fast cars, is to take it to the tracks or streets
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