2006 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE or a Subaru Legacy GT?

which is faster?and easier to handle??


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Go with the Nissan.

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Nissannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn all the way baby

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dont know. why dont u go drive them and find out. duh.

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i own a shop and the legacy is a better car all way around as far as handling and running, also it just feels better when you drive it,I'm lucky getting to repair all kinds of cars gives me the opportunity to drive a lot of them without having to buy them,but id have to go with the legacy on this one,just a better running and driving car,good luck with it hope this helps.

Wat are u rollin on? I am rollin on 20's ya all chrome i'm a balla, watcha rollin on?

If you want performance, you're looking at the wrong cars, completely.
In that price range, I'd be comparing a 350z and an STI.
I'd pick a Subaru anyday because they're more reliable in the long run. Nissan's fall apart pretty quick.
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