Who turns the cats eyes in the road in front of the car?

Whatever speed I do they manage to keep up


identify tractor case (530 ck ) .Motor block (CWC D197 A37205?

I told my Daughter when she was 5 years old, that there was a man on a go cart who rushed about under the road switching them on, and asked her if she could spot the one he missed, it kept her occupied every time we were driving at night, lasted a few years before the penny dropped.

florida learners permit?

You are Joe King right!

What is the best radar detector out on the market today?

Thats great,..

looking for info on a 1997 subaru forester 2lt turbo - bhp, mpg, 0-60, top speed, etc...?

(whats that number again)

how many cylindars are there in a Mack (or Kenworth or Freightliner) truck?

Little gremlins!

im after a decal with my own name on it for my car windscreen where can i get it from?

They are light reflectors!

Why wasn't the Batmobile on display? It would fit right in...?


how do i install a dvd player in my 1993 mercury villager?

so, where are all the blind cats then?

Would you run over a person if the traffic light was green, but for pedestrian red?


abcmom....i am job hunting and the advert said i would need class 1/11 licence?

If you turn off your lights you get get a big clue.

does it do more harm than good?


I really like the Ford Focus will there be a focus 3 soon?

you do.

does anyone know?

meeeee but the pays lousy and ive been run over936 times today.....dya recon i should quit

I want to buy a new car that is $15,000, I have $4,000 to put down. I also have bad credit,?

I know, your brain hurts, well, it would if you had one. They do say that there is one born every minute, but most of them live. We normal people must remember to make allowances for them. emeber, don't mock the afflicted.

is it illegal to have smoked tail lights in Maryland?

Did You Know Their Are Twice AS Many Cats Eyes As Their Are

At what age can you get your learner's permit and what age can you get your license for driving in Louisiana?

The Highways Agency employs an army of nocturnal midget relay Olympic champions. They only run 100m at a time and pass on to the next one.

what is the quickest way to tax my car? (previous tax expired, v5 is still with last owner)?

It's a government conspiracy to catch you speeding!
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