Are there any advantages to having a Manual Transmission instead of an Automatic?

Also, would a car with a manual transmission be faster than one with an automatic?


With so many SUVs and small cars taking up the roads,does anyone still like the security of a huge car?

manual transmissions take less maintainance .. gear oil changed less often.

Is this good gas mileage for my car?

automatics need fliud and filter changes at 15,000 to 20,000 miles to keep them working up to par.

What car can i get need to fit 2 car seats and a booster seat?

some have indicated that manuals always get better mileage such is not necessarily true...

Ford Question Here...?

automatics were made from factory to shift softly so grandpa and grandma didn't feel them factory's sacrificed a little of the longivity and other thing to make them happy including a little gas mileage as well...

Car question...?

Ever heard of a shift kit or Valvebody reprogramming kit for automatic transmissions?

Ugliest Car?

they make shifts harsher and faster more like manual transmissions they also increas mileage by 15% or so...

Which is more?

automatics are stronger over all than manuals...

Why does dogs go after your car tire?

check out drag racing cars guess what automatic cars are almost always faster than Manual trans cars too

Toilets in cars ?

Driving test question about parking?


What is the coolest sports car?

Better gas mileage and more involvement in the driving experience.

What is the general maximum mileage a car can take?

gas mileage, gas mileage, gas mileage

What weight can a 2006 Honda CRV 2.2CTDI sport tow & what is the best tow bar to fit?

better gas mileage and yes if you are good working a manual transmission it will be a lot faster off the line

What is the difference between a "road" atlas and a "motor carriers" road atlas?

If you are good at working the gears it will accelerate faster off the line than an auto, but an automatic usually has a higher bhp.

Who can recommend me a car?

Better gas milage, higher top speed, better control of the car, no need for jumping the car.

How to burnout?

better gas milage, more feel of your driving, and you shouldnt ask if its faster. have you seen any automatic race cars? i think not. this is because automatic transmissions require more time and so on to shift gears since it is set at a certain rpm. with manual transmission you can control your shifts. hope it helped!!! =)

Failed CDL test twice?

did you know that most drag race cars use an auto transmission now they shift faster and you dont loose power on the shift for off road in deep snow or mud auto is better for street drag manuel is better for milage 5 speed it usally better but not always honda has a veriable auto with unlimited gear ratio no 1st 2nd third etc it changes to give best power and milage always

CA drivers- how old do you have to be to be driven around by a new licensee?

The only advantage to getting a stick is that it gives your right hand and your left foot something to do while your driving. The idea that you get better gas mileage is just an excuse by people who just like to feel like a race car driver. Try driving a stick in bumper-to-bumper traffic in the city and the idea that you're saving money on gas mileage is little comfort while you're constantly clutching. What a joke.

What kind of car is basshunter driving in Boten Anna?

better gas mileage

1/4 mile race record?

Better gas mileage - yes - because power transfer efficiency of manual tranny is higher

How can the technology of transportation and communication effect globalization ?

Better acceleration - no - because auto can switch faster than even expert driver

What does dumping the clutch mean?

More control - yes - try to make opposite lock on an auto LOL

Who has the highest car mileage?

Less convenience - yes - manual is a nightmare compared to auto in a traffic jam

What is the number for the engine room?

The best of both worlds - any kind of dual-clutch tranny like tiptronic
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