1967 mustang please read detalis?

hi, i found a 67 mustang for sale, the ad said that the gears of been changed out to a lower ratio for more power. it has been set up for racing. then the part i don't understand, it said it has a bump shifter installed, i don't know what this is? what is a bump shifter (the car is an automatic) please help


Road test in rahway, new jersey. any tips?

It means that the car is an automatic, but has a manual valve body installed in it. The valve body is a set of passages in the transmission that change the gears by releasing the clutch pack when hydraulic pressure passes through them. A "manual" valve body is just that- you have to engage a mechanical switch to change gears. Thats where the bump shifter fits in. The shifter should have a spring loaded, ratcheting type of action that will pull on a cable connected to the transmission. Push the shifter forward you upshift, backwards you downshift. A properly built automatic transmission with a manual valve body will shift faster than having a standard manual and thats why they're popular in drag racing. If the car's got lower gears and a bump shifter, it's been raced and probably gotten the crap beaten out of it. You might wanna look for something else, something close to stock or all stock. A used car is already someone else's problem.

Please help?

well this means no buttons to push just slap stick for racing.

I want to find a blue butterfly or just butterfly license plate frame. Any suggestions?

The car is an automatic, but can be driven as a manual. There is no clutch, so to change gears you just "bump" or slightly push the gear shift to the side. The car will automatically shift for you, but you can do it yourself if you want. It can be fun to drive. I may want this car too :-)
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