Advice for fear of driving?

I'm SOO afraid.. The main thing is that I feel like I get stupid when it comes to driving. I've sat and studied the intersections and I've looked when people are driving and try and test myself what would I do and I usually end up saying ok NOW i would turn ..and then it ends up being the wrong time and for some reason i just cant figure it out .. plus i live in LA where traffic is horrible and pretty much every intersection operates a different way and people drive like **** and you can pretty much only turn left on yellow/ red light. .The last time I tried to drive was in a little suburb and Texas and even then i couldnt drive and would almost crash because i just cant pay attention the right way.. my eyes dont catch everything they need to. .for example ill be concentrating straight ahead for stoplights and ill miss the stoplight right in front of my face OR a car turning or changing lanes

Is 6 hours of driving too tiring for a new licence driver? im in my mid 20s. f.?

I'm also afraid of accidents and my biggest fear is fire so I get REALLY scared


If i go rent a truck at peske or u-haul do they ask for the cdl?

Hey:)I am 26(!) and for years i've had a fear of driving.I kept putting it off but now I have a 1 year old daughter and she was my motivation to get my license.I just thought i was "too stupid" to drive but didn't realise at the time that practise and consistency is the only way to eventually does come to you naturally.
My friends and family tried teaching me but that was a disaster so i just spent the money on getting loads of driving lessons from a driving was worth every cent!He taught me loads of effective tips and eventually everything will come to you.
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