Who chose the numbers for our freeways, highways, roads, etc?


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The interstates are numbered, somewhat orderly, odds going north and south, evens going east and west. The evens begin in the south (I-10) and get larger as you head north. The odds begin out west (I-5) and get larger as you head east (I-95).

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For bypasses on interstates, the first number even means around a city, the first number odd means through a city.
In DC - I-95 goes north south, the beltway around DC is 495;
the highway through the middle is (partially) 395. This part of the numbering convention is not as closely adhered to as the E/W or N/S one.

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Probably the goverment and ya i guess it is random

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I don't know WHO, but my father taught me that, in general, the even numbers run east-west and the odd numbered ones run north-south. Sure, there are curves, etc., but check it out, it's true!

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The government. They name the roadways and highways.

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As the road ways developed the US gov decided to name them odd # for north and south and even for east west.. They all began from Wash DC.. the discovey channel did a great show on American roads really they hve only been usable since WW1 before that they were used by trucks almost 99 per cent..
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