Which garages can i have a right hand drive car converted to left hand drive?

For instance, I wish to export a vw Passatt or Skoda Superb to West Africa, but going to Germany in search of these LHD cars would be a headache for me. Since cars in the UK are mostly RHDs, I would like to buy one here and have it converted to LHD.


What is the 0-60 distance for a 2005 Dodge Ram truck?

I don't think you uinderstand how much work is involved to do that kind of conversion.

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You need to replace the Power Steering (all of it!), the Dash inside the car (and probably many electronics as well),and in most cases, all the Brake components (including the Master Pump) needs to be reliocated as well.

How do you get rid of skid marks? (from tires)?

Many cars have the ECU (main computer) under the passenger floor (directly under the dash) so it would need to be moved as well including a new entire Harness for it to face the right way, in which case it would be very complicated to replace it without taking the Motor (Engine) out of the vehicle.

Do you have "Lo Jack" (Stolen Vehicle Recovery System) installed in you car?

After that, you must buy a new set of Head Lights for the Left Hand Drive model or modify the current ones so the light points to the correct side. Otherwise, you will be probably braking your local laws as your car will have the glare all over the oposite lanes, and you could be pulled over by the Police.

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So, if you add up the work, and calculate how much it would be in parts plus labor, it will be no worth it at all.

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Go to Germany,

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It would be better to buy it left hand drive from the manufacturer, having it converted if it's even possible would comprimise the integrity of the design of the car.

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Thats impossible and if it were, you would pay 2 times as much to get it done as you paid for the car. I work in an automobile manufacturing plant and we make left and right hand drive vehicles. There is a huge difference between the 2 down to the welds on the body to the wiring harnesses that are used. I lived in the UK for a few years and there is nothing wrong with driving a Left hand drive vehicle in a right hand drive country. just feels a little weird

Basic information on cars and FAQ on models, everything to be honest. The basics on car models, buying one?

go to germany the cost would be more than a new car

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To do this you will need -

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New dashboard
New bulkhead
New steering rack
New foot pedals
New control sytems
New headlights
About 60 hours labour

what year is a M reg car?

Budget for around £7,000-£9,000 for each conversion.

Where is a good site to buy things for my husband truck?

(In other words, it's not financially viable...)

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I don't know which garages do it but it would probably cost thousands of pounds. There are companies in the UK that will get a new LHD car from Europe for you probably cheaper than buying and converting a RHD car.

How do you copy a car key?

gk's right

there is a vehicle on a truck. Is it correct If I say "Truck on load with a vehicle"?

I have been in the motor trade many many years and converting whilst not impossible is a great deal of work. Yes it can be done but hell that is going to cost

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Get a LHD car to start with. The headachhe in getting one is not likely to be as bad as the conversion

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Nip over to france for a few days and drive one back. You will have to find out the legal aspect
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