Which is the easiest European country to do a driving test?


Performance Chip?

Excluding the easern states, France I believe.
They have examinations similar to the USA.

Where could I purchase a flying carpet? Everyone should get one. It would benefit the environment greatly.?

Definately not the UK.
Thats where its hardest.

" Brasil smells alcohol " . That what my friend said to me when he came from Brasil . Why ?

South-Africa you can even buy a license from some people. But genuinely i did not find the test difficult and i am glad i did it.:))

1979, 1980, 1981 Honda Accord Hatchback?

Mina Puhuun Soumea, Ich Nederlands Pratte, Ben Konusmaak Turkje.....(I speak Finnish, Dutch and Turkish)

Im trying to get to my friends house help?

Best to do it in a language you understand..... I'd say do it here in the UK unless your fluent.....

Dodge Dakota or Chevrolet Colorado?

Good Luck just go for it.

POTIAC, how is the Potiac mark of car is as good as what. which is is origen America or Europe, how is Honda?

Oh and South Africa isn't in Europe......that person should be asking where is South Africa in the Geography department......

why is storm car are no good?

If you live in South Ireland they let you drive on your own on a Provisional not sure about how legal it is though.....
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