About how much could I get 4 a 1970 Porche?

I hav a 1970 turbo engine Porsche, an I'm thinkin about selling it. The car doesn't run but everything is good. The paint still bright red, still has the chrom wheels. about how much could I get 4 it, u thinK?


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Considering Porsche did not offer a Turbo Charged engine until 1975, and then only in Europe until 1976 when it was Certified for the US, I doubt you could get much of anything.

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People who buy Porsche parts/cars like an unmodified product, not one with aftermarket parts grafted on.

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well try to get it running. people pay more for running 1970 porche. put it in the auto trader and put a price you think is fair.

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go to kbb.com that is the web site for the kelley blue book itll give you a price range guide.

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atleast $70,000

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i would try to get it running u could get 10 to 20 thousand
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