What could be wrong with my braking system?

I have a 94' Ford Explorer and I noticed a weird sound coming from my brakes. When I am braking for a stop, the brakes are fine. The problem is within the last 2 or 3 yards of coming to a complete stop, it makes a farting sound and makes the brake pedal vibrate. What could this be?


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Have your roters and pads changed. Very common problem with worn brake parts.

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Is the vehicle equipped with ABS? I have heard of situations where the ABS module is going bad, and the electronic module is "working" as people come to a complete stop, even at low speed. If you do not have ABS, it sounds like something isnt set quite right in the braking system, and I woudl recommend having someone look at them. If it is a bad ABS module, its going to be expensive.
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