2000 impala?

i have a 2000 impala..

Will Air bag system affect track time?

i am lookin to buy rims for it now though...i am looking at 20's which i know will fit...but not sure about the other size verifications...

What is your favourite driving memory?

the rims i am lookin at on ebay do have 5 lugs so i know thats right...but i am not sure on the other dimensions...

Do women enjoy flashing truckers?

the listed sizes are :
tire width 245 aspect ratio 30

Is it right for some prop. management group to tow my truck just because it has no plates or registration?

wud these fit my car?

What car tax band is my car in?

and/ or wut r the dimensions of a rim or tire that would fit on my car...

Class A CDL question?

thank you


How much land needed to keep a regular family car running for a year with ethanol?

ok 20's? hope you dont live up north. pop a tire every 3 to 6 months. in detroit at least. tires and rims for 20's are priced high. you could invest half of that money. its not always a good idea to cram all that rim into that well. you go fast you hit bump and you have no play. then you roll your car. lol. find something with a good balance. bigger rims and tires can also be harder on your steering parts and suspension. your alignment will go faster. just look at any car out there thats had bling for a while a yr or 2. your see the bottom at the pavement sticking out more. also. also. also. when you go changing rim size you got to check your total size. if you go bigger than factory? did you just change your gear ratio? your engines ability to turn the wheel easyily. good at higher speeds and bad in city traffic which most of us do. bigger wheels (in theory) make you slower off the line and faster in your top end. what you

In the "cars and transportation,car makes" section,why is there no catagory for Rover cars?

The tire dimensions you listed are this. 245 is the tread width in mm. 30 is the ratio of sidewall to tread in percent. So your sidewalls are around 80 mm on this tire.

What is the ugliest car in America?

Here's a few things you need to know to buy rims for your car.

What's your favorite car freshner?

Bolt center. (The diameter of the circle created by going around all 5 lug nuts.)
Offset ( The distance from the wheel mounting flange to the outer rim on your stock wheels)
Width ( Has to be correct for the tires you pick)

Does any company make the muffler im looking for?

Lastly, check to see if they will fit before you buy. Once you pick a tire the dimensions can be had on line. Compare them to your stock wheels and tires.
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