Which one is a better choice?

I'm choosing betwwen the honda civic si or the scion tc. Which one would be a btter choice? points im focusing on are power,speed,room,Gas,warranty,... if you own one of these cars please tell me how satisfied you are with your purchase.


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si, you're asking this question because you obviously havnt test driven both cars. after you test drive the si and the tc, it will become clear as day. si all the way......btw, i currently own 3 toyota vehicles.

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scion tc

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the TCs come better equipped, and are generally more reliable. Id stick with the scion, although both cars are very good.

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the civic is an all around better car. An SI costs more than a tc though. But yeah, honda's retain value better, last longer, and are all around great cars.

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Absolutely the civic!
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