Any tips on getting over driving test nerves??


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well just like any test this one can be just as nerve racking. I guess it depends on how much "actual" experience you have had driving, if it has been a lot then I wouldn't worry too much about it, as scary as it sounds, you will do just fine, I recommend asking your friends who have already taken the test how it went, they may be able to give you advice in this, like where the certain turns are, where the parallel parking is and the K turns, stop signs, and lane changes etc. I remember mine, and how scared I was to take it, so scared that my mom brought me to the dmv in her car and she left it running and I proceeded to turn the key in the ignition even though it was already running, but as nervous as I was, I still passed the exam even with my share of mistakes. I am very confident that you will pass also! Good luck to you! I am sure you will do fine!

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Hey if you fail that's one less month you have to pay tremendous insurance rates.

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Practice in a full size truck, so when you get in a little car you will think wow this is easy..

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I was nervous the day before my test also. I couldnt sleep that night. The next day though, on my way there I saw people talking the test with their instructors and they were so horrible! This black girl almost crashed into a parked car. Even though I worried so much I passed the test with a perfect score and I felt so good that day it was also my birthday.

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Just remember that you must be relaxed or there is no point in going. You have practiced, you know the rules, hopefully and all is well. If you do not pass this time because of your nerves, know that you can always go back another day. Just relax.
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