1992 ford explorer with a 302?

i have a 1992 explorer with a blown engine. i have a 302 that i rebuilt. jegs has a motor mount kit that will allow you to put the 302 in the explorer. my question is will the transmission bolt up? it is a 5 speed that bolts up to a 4.0 liter V6 originally. I heard that it will bolt up except that the bottom 2 bolts will be missing. thanks. also, it will only be to get to work and back, not racing or hotrodding


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Yes it will be fine. The real problem is when you put in a larger engine than the transmission was designed for. But you are doing the opposite here.

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The change over, you are talking about is a huge job. I have find that going to a larger engine often times beats the front-end apart. It can be done but what a job. When it comes to missing bolts, that's not good idea. What is wrong with the 4.0?

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You can make this change, but the cost of doing this swap and still have an emissions legal, (able to be registered) vehicle may be more than you want to spend.

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one thing i learn about ford their a funny breed,,, in most cases yes it fit to the other motor, but the only thing i se be any troublem is going to be the tran mount, you may need to eather move it far ward are back, depend on how the motor set in
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