What do you think of people who drive modified cars?

I'm not talking about idiots that take Civics and put stupid accesories, loud exhaust on them that makes the car ugly and slows down the car....I'm talking about the guys that do it RIGHT, like adding nice accessories and actually making their car faster.

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So what's your opinion on people who drive around modified cars?


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I think people who drive modified cars and do it RIGHT are cool...I mean it's a wonderful experience to build a car and customize it in your own unique way....and to race it and make it faster is AWESOME!

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dangerous, and like to show off. just looking for attention.

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hey, you asked.

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I respect those who do a nice job of modifying cars. It shows that they care about true performance.

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That's kind of a biased question don't you think. Those who take civics and turn them into their own creation invest alot of time and money into them. And if you ask me, I know they are proud of what they have done. I don't know what is qualified as right when modifying a vehicle.

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My answer is those who are willing to take the time and money and put it into their vehicles to personalize their ride have my respect.

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These cars are not created to just win beauty contests and go around a track fastest. They are to do whatever the owner wants. If all they want are weird tailights that look tacky, that's fine to them. Their vehicle will be different with those lights, and that's what it's all about.

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If that's what you can afford, Praise the Lord.
Ive owned a hot rod and found out its a rich mans toy.
I hope someday i can have another cool car.
Be care full, It will give you a huge Eggo trip. and you aren't really all that.

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whatever i don't care . it doesnt impress me i really dont care to me it just seems like they really dont have nothing better to do than to put money into a car that will get damaged one day might as well save the money for when the car breaks down! nah but whatever not my money not my car so i dont care to tell you the truth but most of the time they look ugly and just cheap
and like the first person said you asked!

aftermarket headlights question...?

It would be hard to have an opinion of somebody who modifys thier cars the way you state, because you would not know who they are. , until race day. It is almost impossible to out guess the slide rule boys and engineers that work for the manufacturer, they do extensive research on the best way to get the most out of thier products and design when they build them. When modified, (such as for speed) it will usually tip the scales and affect the vehicle adversly in another area, like shorter engine life, or poor idling ability etc., So I guess my opinion on these guys would be that they are addicted to speed, have plenty of money to burn, or have an ego problem.

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I am in the process of heavely modifing my 1989 Ranger. I have done a 3 inch drop (lower my gravity level for improved handeling, and the truck still sits about 8 inches off the ground), I'm replacing my tired 2.9L and 5 speed with a 5L and 5speed drive trane out of a Foxbody Mustang, rear end with disc brake conversion. Larger brakes on the front while keeping the stock wheel setup. I am doing a headlight conversion to euro chrystal lenses and tails. I added window visors, and i'm going to redo my interior with "new" bucket seats and consil making it look stock. I am not going over borde making it flashy, but it will be able to take many flashy cars off the line with ease. My truck is starting to rust, and no body work or painting will be done, the main rust is on my doors and i might just replace them with Pick'N'Pull replacements, I'm not spending huge money on it, but its moreso side project for me to have fun with. I'm doing everything as cheaply as i can. I will keep the old engine and transmission, and instal them back when i go to sell it and keep the power of it.

penguin or seal? remember i know were you live so say penguin!?

First I must take issue with your "ASSUMING" anything and second ,maybe thats what they can afford-should they walk until they get a ride YOU approve of,maybe they just do not have anyone to show them "THE RIGHT WAY" to modify a car-this is why J.C Whitney makes money,thats way there is 31 flavors.never put down someones ride due to looks or style because thats gonna be the guy who stops in the rain to help when allthe COOL cars keep steppin'!
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