American V8 engine switches off cylinders?

Can anyone tell me the American manufacturer that has a V8 engine that can switch off cylinders for efficiency when it is under low demand? I can't remember, I've read about it before on their website and now can't remember who it was.

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2005+ Pontiac Grand Prix GXP
2005+ Chevy Monte Carlo SS
2005+ Chevy Impala SS
They are also putting this on the new Chevy and GMC trucks.

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GM does it on their Tahoe crowd of SUVs and Trucks, maybe something else, not sure.
Dodge does this on their Hemis, though the only one I've seen advertised with this is the Durango, and obviously it's twin the Chrysler Aspen.

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Cadillac was the first with one one they called 4-6-8..
none of these work the pistons still drag up and down the cylinders it's a sales gimmick

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Cadillac tried it in the early '80s with a disasterous 8-6-4 engine. That thing broke way too often.

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Chrysler brought the idea back with their new Hemi, and GM has been using it on some of their cars too. I think all three systems I mentioned (Cadillac, Chrysler, and modern GM) work in different ways.
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