Any website where there are mustangs for $3000 or less?


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What years of Mustangs? Realize that for 3000 dollars, if you want a classic Mustang, it will be a fixer-upper. You can get an 80s-90s 5.0 for less than $3000 anymore in relatively good shape. I bought my 87 for $400, but it needed trans work. I got my 67 for $4500, but it needs a little bit of body work (one dent in left 1/4) and a paint job.

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Pick your local area, and then go to the 'cars & trucks' area, type 'mustang' in the search field, and '3000' in the "max" field

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Then you can do a search for Mustangs, even narrowing down to years

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Or just try:
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