Are pot holes really bad for my car?

The city I live in has horrible pot holes and bumpy roads EVERYWHERE! I have to drive over several bumpy patches and big pot holes every day on my way to work--is this causing or can this cause a lot of damage to my car? I just bought a used 2002 Nissan Sentra.


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pot holes cause premature wear on suspension parts.

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tire sidewalls
rack n pinion
etc, etc, etc all can be damaged, effected by potholes.

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Yes, it can do damage to the tires, the rims, your alignment, tie rods, sway bar, shcocks, struts, etc etc.

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Avoid as many as you can, and start a group that will demand the roads be fixed.

Education on Cars?

Yes, they suck for cars, you can break just about anything in your suspension (springs, struts ) I even broke my sway bar recently, can also pop your tires and bend your rims, if its too bad you could warp your rotors...

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They certainly can...
They can damage your tires, rims , suspension and even
put holes in your transmission & engine oil pans..

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Yeah they're horrible on the suspension system of a car. Last year i hit a pot hole, popped a strut and it cost me $1500 to replace.

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As well as premature wear on your suspension, It can mess up your alignment and also give your wheels a shorte life span.

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Yes, the big ones can knock your front alighnment out of
kilter. Front end alighnments run anywhere from 60 - 90 dollars. If you continue to drive the car the way it is, the front
tires wear out faster than normal.

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