A question about Land Rover Defenders, please help?

I am toying with the idea of getting a Land Rover Defender as I have just graduated and have always loved them. Living in a rural area they're always about, but two in particular have caught my eye; they're both mid-90s examples, SWB, one is a hard top and the other a pick up.

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My question is, are the 90s really better than 110s if you don't need the extra space, or does the larger model offer anything that the 90 doesn't? Also, how easy is it to convery the hard top or pick up in to full convertibles, with a canvas hood stretching over the cab roof and load bay- would it cost a lot to get done, as I want a proper job? And if so, is it easy to change them back if I ever need to?

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you have got to go for it...the 90 is better off road due to a shorter wheelbase. as for converting a hard top to a soft top easy.. all components just screw / bolt on so changing is an easy job. companies such as John Craddock (or even ebay) can provide all the part necessary. however buy the best you can. outriggers are prone to rust but can be changed with little experience.

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Go for SWB with open back, smaller lighter, and more economical, it also marginally faster than the LWB for obvious reasons, and get the exhaust fixed on the side.great summer fun off roading with your mates in the back. You don't really need a hard top because that would make it look like a farmer's vehicle. The canvas top is OK.

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Their roofs are a weak spot and they have a higher Center of Gravity. There was a father and his six year old daughter killed when the Rover was bumped. It tipped against a telephone pole killing both of them when the roof collapsed. If that measure of risk okay with you ... by all means.

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landrover defender 90 2.5 turbo there just is no better vechile to buy i have 2 90s they are the ultimate workhorse for the farmer and rural dweller if you want a pick up buy one with a ifor williams aluminium canopy the 90 is a far better rover than the 110 unless you need the extra space

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I have a 90 with full canvas tilt (i.e. only screen and doord left when its off!) and it is the coolest thing to drive around in the summer.
ONLY ADVANTAGE for a 110 is the front seats go further back due to no bulkhead behind the driver!
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