Who thinks the shuttles should be scraped and new ons built?


whats a fair price to have a chevy V8 305 motor re-built?

Believe me, it is not up to NASA, it is congress. NASA is either directly controlled by congress or indirectly by congress withdrawing, re-allocating or cutting funding. NASA is a political pawn. How quickly we forget what the space program has done for society.

What is GAS price in your Country? USD/liter or Euro/liter?

new ones will be built soon as the current ones can not go to the moon.

Have you noticed Mustangs Are For GIRLS(no offense ladies)?

The shuttle is a bit of a cul-de-sac for space transport, the idea was that by re-using part of the launch vehicle would cut down on cost, the opposite has proved to be the case. I noticed that the European arianne rocket launched on Thursday was carrying American satellites into space, a pretty sad day for NASA, = )

Does this make your car accelerate faster?

That is a good idea, but you have to consider cost, how much it would be to construct a new fleet of space-craft, plus you'd have to train the crew how to operate them. You need to undersyand that its not just a case of "Lets build something better" you have to consider cost and how to get them up there!

What would be a great first car that could also be made quite fast out of these: Civic, Integra, or Eclipse?

We need to develop a linear motor or rail system for lift off on the next generation of space craft.

which company delivers peterbilt trucks from factory to dealer?

No way! It is far too costly. There's nothing wrong with the ones we have. Any problems are due to human error...you see what happens when someone makes a bad judgment call. Challenger was lost because they should have known better than to launch in freezing weather. Columbia wasn't inspected closely enough at the assembly building.

How many gallons does a standard size fire engine hold?

If it ain't broke.....

Honda Question?

Who thinks numpties like you shouldn't be allowed to post idiotic, mis-spelled questions? You illiterate twat.

"What is the width and length of a Greyhound Bus?

No way, i,m not scrapping my shuttle. I love it. I know that its a bit sore on fuel and the servicing costs for it are out of this world. It only takes 6 or 7 at a time but i wouldnt part with it. Yours faithfully, G. Bush.
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