What are those things called that you use to drive your car up on so that you can change your oil at home?

This is for a gift. He doesn't want a jack, it is something that you put in front of the two front tires and drive up on it.


first time on the bus??

I have used the Rhino ramps for years they work great

your speedometer reading is low,high,or equal?


Can I rent a car for a one way trip, and drop off the car at the same company in a different city?

vehicle ramps??

Driving Advice?

car ramps

Driving lesson question .?

Car ramps.

What is the cost of road painting per mile?


What is a base car?


dmv permit test in other languages?

Car ramps. You can find them at an auto parts store or maybe even Walmart.

3 alternatives gasoline for automobiles?

Portable ramps? There are 2 portions. The approach ramps and platform ramps. Both will cost you a cool $1,500.00 at a discount ramp store.
There are the smaller versions that just lifts the car by a bit, and its called minilift car ramps and they cost $185.00.

Where can i get special made chrome effect car name badges?

Car ramps. Sears.

have i been nipped?


What is the biggest size chrome rim in the world?

Its called a Car Lift or an Auto Lift. You can find cheaper versions that the oil shops use that make it easier for home use. Just do a google search for "Car Lift"

what was the average price of gas in 1974?

They're called "lawns" !

what brand of car is also a job?

car ramps

how much would an austin martin db9 car cost?

Car ramps.
Unless his car is low to the ground, then they don't work.
Otherwise, they're great.
Get the heavy duty "plastic ones" they never rust and they last forever.

Where can I find information about new transportation security measures?

A lift ?

"How many tyrannosaurs are in a gallon of gasoline?"?

Car ramps, oil change ramps, any kinda vehicle ramps. However, if you have a vehicle with a very low front end, they will not work unless you.... Nevermind.

Can you ride a bike across the highway?

ramps - go to an auto supply store, they will know what you want

explain cambus elec system?

what if i already have 4 sets ?

will bio diesel run in a peugeot 307 1.6hdi?

thing a ma gig er ramps---every house hold needs them-----lol---if you buy him that------- and ----me ----i woould be happy-------------but don't forget tire blockers. or believe me you always need at least a 2 ton jack-----that's the thing---some times they have a package deal.

Company formerly known as Tokyo Tshushiu Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha?

You're looking for Vehicle Ramps. Most dept stores carry htem BEWARE: Certain ramps are rated for a certain weight...make sure you read the fine print...

truck performance mods?

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will LPG damage my engine?Shall i install or not?

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